Fire Social Media Boot Camp

Social Media is Fired Up in 2024!
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Fire Social Media Boot Camp

4-day ‘Master Social Media Officer’ – Certification

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Limited 20 seats available

1-on-1 Virtual Fire Social Media Training

1-on-1 Virtual Fire Social Media Training & Coaching.

FSM Training is a high priority but staffing, travel & location has made in-person training complicated

Virtual 1-on-1 Training for only $595

Info: E-mail or call (480) 622-8297

Fire Social Media Boot Camp –
Host or Buy-out training

Intensive Fire Social Media Training – High caliber instruction,
candid discussions, exercises, videos, cool-tech & more

Fire Social Media Training
& Consulting


Custom Training at your dept. Available!

For more info email or call: (480) 622-8297

Course Outline

Chris Ryan, president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations has created and developed Fire Social Media Boot Camp, a specialized 4-day course (32) classroom hours as necessary training for Fire, Public safety, 911, EMS and municipal officials responsible for communicating and interacting with the public and news media through social media.

Mr. Ryan personally administers the program. The non-graded 32 hour class is offered at various locations throughout the United States and internationally.

Course Objective

This training focuses on developing crucial social media relations and communication skills and understanding of the business of news and social media. The stated goal is aiding Fire, Public Safety, 911, EMS and municipal personnel empowered with managing and disseminating information through social media messaging and communications platforms.

Target Audience

Fire, Public Safety, 911 & EMS leaders, supervisors, and spokespersons. City, county, parish, state, federal leaders, spokespersons, public information & public affairs officers. Emergency management, Homeland Security and municipal agency leaders are encouraged to attend for invaluable insight, information, networking and training credit.